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<html><div id="elevator"><p>At some point, there came the discovery of a shaft deep into the Earth. From the top of a mountain, it was found to descend into some unknown depths. One long seemingly endless vertical distance.</p>\n<p>I set out to explore this passage. I wanted to know from where this came from and, of course, to see its ending.</p>\n<p>Building an elevator, I set out to lower myself down its length.</p>\n<p>Treasure. There had to be some gold or diamonds. Something of great worth had to be waiting for me.</p>\n<p>Perhaps some lost history. Bones of the long dead or forgotten tales.</p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p>Darkness though.</p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p>Increasing and deeping.</p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p>I knew there had to be something. <em>Something</em>. There had to be <em>something</em>.</p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n<p></p>\n</div></html>
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Dan Cox
(function() {\n\n var number = 20;\n \n setInterval(function() {\n var el = $("elevator");\n var transform = "translateY(" + number + "px)";\n = transform;\n = transform;\n = transform;\n = transform;\n = transform;\n number+=180;\n if(number>1900) {number = 1900;}\n }, 2000);\n}());\n