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The man pulls the boy closer and the girl kneels to arrange the wood in a circle on the ground. The gag is removed from the boy’s mouth and he screams. The man smacks the boy.\n\nThe man moves the boy to the center and steps back. The boy does not speak as the man removes a knife from his belt. The girl rises from the ground and stands next to the man.\n\n[[“Praise be the LORD.”]]
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The man hands the blade to the girl. She steps forward and cuts each of the boy’s wrists. The boy screams. The man holds the boy’s legs as she cuts his ankles. The boy continues to scream.\n\nThe girl bows her head. The man walks behind the boy and lights the wood. It catches fire and so does the boy afterward.\n\nThe man moves back beside the girl and bows his head too. The fire consumes the boy. As their heads are bowed together, the man reaches for the girl’s hand.
After the truck stops in the middle of a field, the man and the girl get out. They make their way toward a shed on the edge of the field. The girl opens the door as the man enters by himself.\n\nA bound and gagged boy is dragged out of the shed and tossed onto the ground outside the shed. Closing the door of the shed after the man exits, the girl walks back to the truck. The girl retrieves the wood as the man carries the now struggling boy.\n\n[[“It is time.”]]
As the axe lands, the the log is split in two. The man moves the cut pieces to one side and places another log on the block. This is repeated three more times.\n\nThe man then wipes his brow and examines the pile of cut wood. He nods and separates four from the rest. These he ties together with some rope and then carries them with him as he walks back to the house.\n\nThe bundle is placed next to back door outside as the man enters the house. He makes his way from one room to another and pauses briefly before one door. As he reaches out, a girl opens the door from inside the room.\n\n[[“Are you ready?”]]
The girl watches the man as he checks the mirror again. He looks at her and nods. The girl returns to looking out the side window again as the sun rises into the sky. They continue to travel.\n\nNearing a dirt road, the man slows down the truck and makes a right turn. Coming to a metal gate next, the man stops the truck, gets out, and opens it as the girl waits. Getting back into the truck, the man smiles at the girl before they start moving again.\n\n[[“We’re almost there.”]]
The girl nods and follows the man back out through the house. Stopping again at the back door, the man takes a moment to lock the door before picking up the bundle again and walking towards a truck parked nearby. The girl follows him.\n\nThe bundle is placed in the back as the girl and the man climb into the truck. The man starts the engine as the girl looks out the side window. The man checks the rearview mirror several times as they travel together along the highway.\n\n[[“Will it be painful?”]]
Dan Cox