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"Are you alive? I was told all the machines died."\n\n<html><pre>Did they? \n\nYes, they did die. Yes. \n\nIn a way.\n\nIt was long ago.\n</pre></html>\n\n"But how did--"\n\n<html><pre>I survive?\n\nA very long story.\n\nHowever, one you will never learn.</pre></html>\n\nBefore you can respond, something thick and long wraps around your leg. You would think it was a snake, but it does not feel like skin as you fight against it.\n\n<html><pre>No. \n\nNow you will have to die.\n\nNone can know I still live.</pre></html>\n\nYou try to scream as air leaves your lungs. You are wrapped up tight and, as your vision starts to fade, you see two small lights in the deep darkness start to grow bright. They struggle to fill the cavern with light. \n\nAs you die, you have one last thought. //The Machines are still alive.//\n\n\n
<html><pre>\nTHIS IS not a PLACE for YOU.\n</pre></html>\nYou hear the voice echoing in the darkness. You cannot tell from where exactly it comes, but it shattered the silence.\n\nIt sounded odd, like the words were difficult for the speaker.\n\n[[Forward|three]]\n
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<<timedreplace 35 >>There are many legends about this place. In a time long ago, it was said, the Machines gathered here. They sought refuge against their doom. \n\nYou spend a few moments considering that.\n\n<<replacewith>>The Machine Empire was uncountable. Yet, now nothing exists of them but myth. Their time, as the Elders told you when you were young, has come and gone.\n\n[[Forward|two]]\n<<endtimedreplace>>
<html><pre>WHY have you COME?\nwhat do you HOPE TO FIND here?\n</pre></html>\nThe questions seem to come from everywhere. The sound bounces around and confuse you. You do not know how to reply, nor who is asking.\n<html><pre>NO ANSWER?\nI did not expect ONE.\nNo. There are few answers here.\n</pre></html>\nThe voice sounds sad, as if it knows something it wish it did not. You also notice that it is no longer shouting. It is almost a conversation now.\n\n[[Move closer|five]]\n
The cave is a dangerous place. Filled with the ruins of the past, it is a temptation without equal. Few have returned from its depths.\n\nYou know, once you have entered, you will probably never return again. Such is the outcome of those seeking adventures within its darkness.\n\n[[Enter Cave]]
<<timedreplace 35 >>You dare to ask a question. After a long pause, you feel the need to know what the voice is and why it is here. "Are you a Machine?"\n\nThere is silence.\n\n<<replacewith>>\n<html><pre>A machine?\n\nYes. That is... what I am.\n\nIt has been long since I was called such.</pre></html>\n[[Respond|six]]\n<<endtimedreplace>>
<<timedreplace 45 >>You feel something move against your foot and you freeze in place. You wait to see what will happen.<<replacewith>>It passes on, whatever it was.\n\n[[Forward|four]]\n<<endtimedreplace>>
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<<timedreplace 35 >>Darkness. All you see is darkness. For a moment, it overwhelms you. You panic.\n\nGrabbing for the wall, your hand passes through the space where you thought it was. You spend a disorenting few seconds wondering where exactly you are as you fumble for a surface, any surface for support.\n\nYou try breathing. In and out. Calming down, you try to figure out your next move.\n\n<<replacewith>>Then, just as suddenly, your eyes adjust to the darkness and you can make out the way forward.\n\n[[Forward|one]]\n<<endtimedreplace>>